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I like English, and it has always been my best subject. I'm trying to find which area of writing I am most talented in. I feel that I can write punchy, short prose well. Do you have any tips for how I can find the type of writing that suits me? Would I be better taking lots of short learning courses? Reading books? Any help you could give would be very helpful.


Kudos to you on going after your passion to write!

To find the type of writing you most enjoy, I encourage you to freestyle write in various genres and with various forms of writing.  For example, you could spend a day writing poetry, another day researching and writing non-fiction articles and another day creating a novel.

Trust your feelings. You'll know by how you feel which you prefer.  From my experience, how good you feel when you write says a lot more than what a book could tell you.

Happy writing!

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