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I have written a science etext using images from Wikimedia commons. I plan to use this in the courses I teach but am also interested in submitting this to an ebook publisher. My question has to do with the copyright of the images. Wikimedia states that the images are copyright free or licensed under GNU or creative commons which in my interpretation still means they are copyright free as long as I cite the author. I have included an active link under each image to Wikimedia. Do you think there are any problems with publishing a work using these images?

Thank you in advance for your input.

Hi Bruce
This is a tricky question but I am pretty sure that the free copyright deal is between the creators of the images and wiki but not third parties such as yourself. Reproducing the images in your own work I would have thought to be an infringement of copyright BUt this 'creative commons' thing might be an arrangement to encourage people to use the images. I simply don't know, to be honest and it would be best to ask wikimedia, just to be sure.

Good luck!

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