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Iv'e been writing a fantacy book and i have written a good start but it isn't very long and i don't know what to put down next. how could i extend my writing and also how am i supposed to know what to do next?


A very common problem you've got there.  I hope this will help you.

When you begin writing a story, you make certain promises to your readers.  One is an emotional promise; the other is an intellectual promise.

For example, an emotional promise could be, "Read this story, and you'll be entertained... or scared... or thrilled... etc."  An intellectual promise would be something like, "Read this story, and you will view the world differently... or learn of a different world... or have your views of the world challenged... etc."

These promises carry throughout the story.  They are made in the beginning, developed in the middle, and fulfilled in the ending.

So... you've got your beginning, you said.  What do you do next?  The section immediately following the opening has two objectives:

1.  To add context to the opening (by reflecting upon it, or focusing on surrounding things)
2.  To lay the groundwork for what’s to come.

So you really need to be looking forward AND backward, staying true to your opening and working toward your ending.

Keep in mind as you move forward: What do people want?  All characters will want something.  Think of how each of them might go about attaining it. This should suggest scenes to you.

And remember that the purpose of the middle part of your story is to develop those promises you made at the beginning.  You do this by dramatizing incidents that increase conflict, reveal character, and establish all the various forces that will collide at the story’s climax.

This is, of course, just a rough idea of what you need to do.  I'd recommend getting yourself a good book on the subject of fiction writing in general.  Your local bookstore should have several.  Browse through them and see which ones seem to have the sort of content that would be most helpful to you.

Good luck as you progress!  

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