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Writing Books/Is my book outline too similar to the Saga Twilight?


I noticed some similarities to the Saga Twilight, Below I've supplied the books' outline to my book(s).  Please read and answer, thanks.

In the first book Jacob Crane (the Edward character in Twilight) hooks up with Nessa Jackson (the Bella character) again (when I say again I say it because Nessa used to live near him [Washington Township, New Jersey] and then she moved to Nashville, Tennessee, then to Hartford, Connecticut, then to San Diego, California, and finally back to NJ.). Jacob and Nessa's relationship is more playful and fun, they understand each other and he wouldn't want to ever hurt her. (Playful and fun like Jacob Black and Bella, but protective like Edward and Bella). You get a few times with Spencer Adelle (the Jacob character. He was Nessa’s friend from when she moved to Tennessee and she was sad about leaving Jake. He still misses her) in the first book but only in texts, and calls, and web cam things because he lives in a diff state at the moment. But Spence says that he's going to move to New Jersey (where Jake and Nessa live) in the beginning of the next school year. Probably end of book 2 or beginning of 3. (Nessa and Jacob turn into wizards the middle of the book, though. That’s a really long story, too. I won’t get into that.)

Second book: Jake tells Nessa he loves her but she told him she didn't know if she could answer him. The next day Jacob tells Nessa he has to go and visit the magic world for a year, but if things go really well he might move there forever with his father Tim. Tim forced Jacob to, Jake honestly doesn’t want to. So he leaves, and Nessa goes into depression (Kind of like Bella, but not as bad because she knows there’s a chance. But the leaving part is kind of different because they do them for different reasons. Edward because he wants to save Bella from himself hurting her. And Jacob because his dad told him to and he can’t speak up to him.). Nessa's family goes to Virginia for the summer for Ness to forget about Jake, but she can't. She finds out Spencer lives in Virginia at that same time she went and she finds him. He tries helping her out and cheering her up but whatever he does doesn't work. (Still New MOON!!!! Even thought Jacob Black helps Bella until she finds out that he wants to die… but Spencer develops greater feelings to Nessa, the kind of feelings she feels for Jacob)
Middle of the book Jacob comes back and tells Nessa he couldn't live without her and he didn't care about anything other than her. (Really what happened was: When John [parent of Nessa] found out that Jacob and Tim had left he called over to Tim and said, “Yada Yada yada… how could you leave me here with a depressed teenaged girl, Tim! How could you make Jacob leave? Do you know if he even wanted to?” again, yada yada yada, Tim told him that Jacob had no part of it. But a month passed, Tim noticed that Jacob was unhappy and knew Nessa was, too. So he gave Jake an early birthday present and brought Jacob home to Nessa.) He would stay.
The rest of that book is really just having Jacob learn about Spencer, Spencer learn more about Jacob, watching them two hate each other, Jacob still being in love with Nessa, Spencer developing a love for Nessa, etc. (Jacob learns that Spencer is a 5-Shift, it's a person who at any time can turn into either a centaur, griffon, Cerberus, dragon, or a giant.) Then they find out Aubrey (An evil wizard who tried killing Nessa the book before) comes back to finish what she started and kill Nessa. She brings with her dryads, gnomes, leprechauns, merfolk, ogres, phoenix, sphinxes and etc. To help her out. Nessa and Jacob bring with them their wizard friends and Spencer's friends (Eclipse danger but diff) of course Aubrey gets away before Nessa kills her and Nessa wins.

Book three: Just about everybody still getting comfortable with everybody. School problems, magic problems, danger problems, etc. That’s when Nessa finds out that Spencer is in love with her. (Some kind of alien invades magic world so they have to get rid of them somehow but I don’t know how yet haha)

Book four: Nessa trying to pick between Jacob and Spencer. In that book she picks her man… (Haven’t picked out danger)

Book five: The person who doesn’t get Nessa (pretty obvious *cough* Spencer *cough*) finally getting used to the fact he can’t have Nessa as anything more than a best friend. Then wedding, kids, etc. (That’s going to hard to explain at my age, too. If any advice on that would be nice, as well.) (Danger not yet picked out, too.) (P.S. This is how the wizard babies and adults and everything work:

If only the mother of a family is a wizard (meaning father is not) then only one female child of theirs will become a wizard when they reach a certain time in life (which is when they have their first best experience.). Brandi (Nessa’s mom) is a wizard (Nessa has only one sibling, Jason, her older brother) so only Nessa could become the wizard.

If only the father of a family is a wizard (meaning the mother is not) then only one male child of theirs will become a wizard when they reach a certain time in life (which is when they have their first best experience.). Tim (Jacob’s father) is a wizard (Jacob has two sisters and one brother; Kelly, Katie, and Ray; only Jacob and Ray would be able to be a wizard) so Jacob became the wizard instead of Ray.

If both parents are wizards then ALL children of the two would become wizards AT BIRTH.)

Book six!: About Nessa and her new family realizing that the Magnus (kind of the wizard Volturi but never even try to be nice except for one person, the leader. They are the one’s who created everything. The wizard names, spells, Magic World, etc.) Are planning on destroying every wizard and every memory of wizards so that there won’t be any danger. *drama music builds* The Magnus when into hiding so no wizard or wizards could change their mind. The only thing that can save their nation is the Wish Necklace. It’s a golden necklace with a huge purple stone on the middle that will do any thing of magic possible (even if it’s never been done with a wand before. Nobody knows how it was created so it just happened.). (Wizards of Waverly Place! I planned all of this out before that show even aired or had a commercial! But now I feel like a copier again!) The necklace is located in the lost city of Atlantis, which is under the ocean. Nessa, Jacob, their son, Parker, and daughter, Payson, must go on a journey to find it and save everybody. (Payson and Parker are twins. The kids grow fast [Breaking Dawn] because the wizards wanted to be able to understand kid wizards when they were younger. Payson and Parker are probably about 5 months old at the moment when they must leave home and help their parents out.) Then the rest is pretty much everything else, but just to let you know, Spencer and one of his friends would travel with them so they had more muscle. (But when Nessa, Jake, Payson, and Parker would go to sleep they wouldn’t let Spencer near them because he was still “new-ish” to his kind and could hurt them. So that Spencer and his friend could travel with them Jake and Nessa would use spells so that they could do everything.) You know what the rest…

Hi, Jess!

While I've read a couple of the Twilight books and am familiar with Wizards of Waverly Place, there's no way to answer your question based on what you write here. Unfortunately, you've only went into detail about the relationships between the parties and how you feel they might be similar---but not the worldbuilding. Relationships are relationships. They are the same no matter whether it's Twilight, True Blood, Torchwood or a dozen other SF/F books and series out there. I'm getting hints that the underlying world isn't a vampire and a human with a werewolf on the side. However, there's no way to judge from this.

My best advice is to write the book, make the worldbuilding as unique and different from other things you've read and watched and see how it does. It's only when someone actually reads the book as a whole that you'll know whether you've tread on copyrighted toes.

Good luck with it. It sounds like you're having fun!


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