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mystery in the eyes of a woman
mystery in the eyes of  
The other day out of the blue while driving in my car... out of no where appears a thought for a book in my head... strange enough not just a title or subject but a base story line and options on how the book will go. of course the thought of writing a book had only passed my mind once before, a inspirational book for women from my own encounters and life experiences. However that would be a long time down the road... I atleast have the title and first chapter :) In any case... not to get off the main subject. I have this idea and have no clue where to go from here. I am not a book reader, nor even have a favorite author. But for some reason have a great need to really move on this and see where it goes. who do I contact? Is there anyone who will script it for me? do book ideas need a patented to protect the owner of the idea? any suggestions would be most helpful. Thank you so much for your time and I look forward to your reply.  

Dear Danielle,

Firstly it is great you have an idea for a book and exciting that it arrived as it did. There is a story in that as well, I am sure. Secondly. There are no short cuts in writing. I am afraid that you will have to simply sit down and write it yourself. Ghost writers can be employed but they cost thousands and only work if you have an already signed book contract.
However, as you feel so strongly, I am sure you could do the work yourself.  Write every day, do not edit and try to polish as you go and let the story tell itself. You will be amazed (once you settle in to it) how easy the process gets. You do not need to patent the idea. The very act of writing is protected by copyright laws world wide.
Remember that a page a day is a novel in a year.

Good luck with it.



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