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QUESTION: I have the perfect situation for a true crime book. The person its about was convicted of being a serial rapist for 11 years before he was caught. I was with him for 5 to 6 years before he started raping. Our past together could be a book of its own. The FBI was involved, multiple states, many victims, DNA, and a cover up! I'm a fan of true crime books and this has all the goodies for one. I'm wondering how to find a co-author and also how to start this process. I willing and capable to do all of the leg work and research, but I need a writer who can guide me and write the finished product. How do I find that person?
Thank you for your time, Mikela


Glad to hear that you made it through the situation you were in.

You can post that you are looking for a co-author at writer job board sites like:

Media Bistro
Journalism Jobs
Freelance Writing Jobs

Best wishes

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QUESTION: There is a large fee for posting a co-author or ghost writer wanted add on all of the sites you suggested. What are a few of the best examples of free places to post my add that, will connect with a large number of people in the literary world who are looking for work?
Thank you for your time.

Craigslist is free.  

I'd do a search on Google for "Writing Job Boards" and post to those areas that allow free posting.  You could also check with Job Posting sites like Career Builder, Monster, Indeed, etc. and see what their job posting fees are.

Best wishes

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