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There is a group of us that are writing our experiences with an organization. We are each contributing a large amount of information but there is one author of the book. Who can we talk to about the legalities of the contributions. This a very high profile organization and we know that it will get a lot of attention but we want to make sure to do things very strategically from the start. I have thought about contacting an entertainment lawyer but I'm not sure if that is the best angle. Please help.

Well, I'm not a lawyer but have co-authored several books.  You need professional help and a written contract.  Here are a few ideas.

Contact the Bar Association in your town or city... sometimes they have lawyers who will help for free...

Next, contact your local writing group.  See if they know of anyone or if they have a lawyer in their group.  

Contact your local reporter who who writes about the "arts"... perhaps s/he will know of someone who can assist you.

And finally, whatever you do...even if it's only one page.... GET IT IN WRITING....


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