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My novel has a woman keeping a journal for many years and in it she comments on current events (wars, politics, people in the news)and she has her own opinions about them.  Would it be libelous for her to say things like "I think Monica Lewinsky purposely ran after the president" or "Reagan looked like he was out of it at the Contra Trials" or "Charlie Manson was a nutcase"?

Karen... I'm not an attorney, so I will have to skip your question.... although usually just commenting on current events is not a problem, saying something that might be considered harmful to a living person, might be a problem. so bottom line, I wouldn't use "real" names....

I'm not sure why you would need to do this... use made-up names or leave it vague... such as..."who would want to harm our president"... no names...

sorry I can't be more helpful


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