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Hi! I'd appreciate it if you could help me with some dumb questions I have about book tours. How long do tours usually go for? How do you travel and do you go with other people? What are the worst parts of touring? Also, I'm really bad at talking to people. What sort of things should you talk about to people? Thanks so much for your help!

Hi Liz,

What an interesting question. The length of a tour depends entirely on what the writer and the publicity department agree on. In Australia and New Zealand the tour can be anything from two to three weeks. Overseas tours can be much longer. For a first time author, a tour may simply be a single week.

The travel and accommodation are all arranged by the publisher and in my experience (of many tours) they usually book the writer into very good hotels and provide a car and driver in each city.

The worst part of touring is the endless interviews with media people who have not bothered to do research or even read the author's book.

You will find you don't have to say much to people other than "thank you fore coming along". Most of the time people have very simple questions about how long the book took to write, what you are writing next and so on.

Hope that helps.



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