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Hi Vincent,
Thank you for responding to a question I had last month regarding my novelty book of inspirational sayings.  The book is 365 sayings, each from a different author and only 1 or 2 lines in length.  I am still working out the detail of acknowledging the authors with each saying because my product size is small.  I wondered if I were to put an acknowledgement page at the end of the book stating the sayings were compiled from a variety sources including radio/TV interviews, books, and magazines if that would cover any plagiarism issue? Thank you for your time, Sharon

The source material is of much lesser importance than the source itself.  In other words, worry about naming the speaker of your quote, rather than where you read it.

If you look at most books of quotes out there, you won't find many that state where the quote came from, just the attribution of the person.

So I feel it's safe to say that your acknowledgment page is unnecessary, but you do need to name the person, and that should be done right there with the quote, e.g.:

"I am not a crook."
~ Richard M. Nixon  

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