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I am writing a layman's book about respiratory disorders, basically for knowledge of one's own disorders. I do research and most of it is from experience. Do I need resources? I am a Doctor of Medicine; however, I don't currently hold an active practicing license.  I am in transition of attaining one. I do hold a respiratory care practitioner's license though.

Hello Joe

If this is a general book it may not need resources /references though at some stage you and your publisher will probably want to make a statement somewhere near the beginning of the book that you won't be held accountable for someone's misfortune if they mis-read or misinterpret the book.

I also assume your publisher will 'push' the book based on your experience rather than the credibility of resources.

I know this is a vague answer but until you have a publisher lined up it's hard to know what their 'pitch' will be and how your book would be framed accordingly.
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