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Hello Jannie.
Maybe you could help me to understand the passage below?

The song "Mofo" is really the dance aesthetic done fully. There is no pretence there about trying to maintain the band format, we're embracing the dance culture in that song and I think it works. Great lyric and great production. Maybe we should have had the confidence to make the album more clearly one thing.

1. Does it just mean that this song is puerly a dance song?

2. Does "pretence" mean "pretend". And the second sentence means they are not pretending to show what they are really striving after.

3. "more clearly one thing" it associates me with "in one style/the same" as the song Mofo probably. Maybe all the songs should be written in the same way?

All the best

Pretense means:
1: a claim made or implied ; especially : one not supported by fact2 a: mere ostentation : pretentiousness <confuse dignity with pomposity and pretense Bennett Cerf> b: a pretentious act or assertion3: an inadequate or insincere attempt to attain a certain condition or quality4: professed rather than real intention or purpose : pretext <was there under false pretenses>5: make-believe , fiction6: false show : simulation <saw through his pretense of indifference>

They are not insincere, implying otherwise, professing other than their real intention of maintaining their band format... and they are embracing the dance culture in that song. They think it works great. They think the lyrics are great and great production.  Then they make a notation of maybe they should have made the album more clear and more clear about it's genre and style.

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