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QUESTION: I wrote a 47000 word book using Microsoft word, font size 12 and double spaced, I am right in assuming this would be about 125 words for a book? Do you think this would be a very small book to sell and try to get published? Also, I am having the hardest time trying to find a respectable agent, any advice for me. Thank you for your time in this matter.

ANSWER: Michael...   not sure what you mean by "125 words for a book?"...

also not sure what Microsoft word you are referring to... Courier or Times is the accepted font to use.

also not sure  what type of a book it is...that makes all the difference in the world....


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I have 3 questions.  I wrote 47,000 words in Courier, font size 12.  What size book would this equate to?  How many words do you recommend for a fiction book?

Also, I am having the hardest time finding a respectable agent.  Do you know where I can go for assistance?  

Michael... most beginning novels fall somewhere between 60,000 to 75,000... HOWEVER... this depends on the GENRE of the book.

You need to decide what genre your story is, ie, mystery, sci-fi, detective, thriller, etc...

then find those publishers that publish that type of book.  Check their websites for SUBMISSION GUIDELINES... this will tell you word count, etc.

as to agents, check out the websites for agents...most agents prefer certain genres.... ie..if you are writing a mystery, a romance agent will not even look at your query....

Once again, I strongly urge you to clarify what GENRE your story is... another way to to visit a large bookstore and sit down in the front of the specific section that sells your type of book... go through who publishes what... then check those publishers web sites.

It is extremely difficult to find a good agent, yet alone a might consider going e-pub...this is a much easier way to start, especially if you have never been published before.


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