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I have another question... is it acceptable to use; titles of songs, celebrities' names, movie or television shows and characters, names of restaurants or specific products, etc. in a novel? My impression is, if readers were made aware of the origin, and the titles or names were written in italics, then it would be okay. For example; say I used McDonald's in my novel- The name itself wouldn't need to be italicized, but if I were including one of their products, like the Big Mac or something, that part would need to be written in italics? I've also compared my hero's looks to Hugh Jackman... Hope I'm not asking too many questions but I just came across this site & it's a gold mine of info!

Using the names of well-known celebrities, companies, and products is perfectly fine.  And no italics are generally necessary.  A few things to keep in mind, though...

First, you want to make sure you're not using the names in a disparaging way.  You couldn't, for example, make claims about the Big Mac that are untrue.

Second, be aware of trademarked names.  The Big Mac probably is.  Kleenex definitely is.  So when these names are used, the law says that the trademark needs to appear, too, whether the "registered" mark (the R in a circle) or the "TM" mark, depending.  (I recommend looking into the legal aspects of publishing for more information.)

As for comparing your hero's looks to Hugh Jackman... no problem there... except of course that you're really dating your material.  Fifty years from now, will Hugh Jackman's name mean anything to people?  Some people, sure.  But it's not safe to assume he'll be a household name, still.  

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