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I am currently writing a book and wish to include significant quotations from Tolstoy's "Ivan Ilych". The book will be published in the UK and worldwide. The authors of the translation that I am using died more than 70 years ago. I am assuming that I am not in breech of copyright if I use the text - am I correct. I am also quoting other authors such as Dickens, Conan Doyle, Dickinson, Gurney who died more than 70 years ago and whose work was published before death. Their works are uncopyrighted in the USA. As more than 70 years have elapsed, would their works be considered copyright-free in the UK too. If you cannot advise me, can you suggest who might? Thank you!

You should be ok with using these without infringing copyright. Just check the copyright pages of the editions you use (the page with the publisher's name and address and the ISBN) in case a third party (such as a literary estate or publisher) claims a more recent copyright. I doubt this will be the case, though.


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