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QUESTION: Hi, I'm ariel, I'm curently writing a book and I have it all out in my head. It's
about these teens who go cannoing and get straned on this island and then
they start geting killed off one by one by this spirit who was killed on this
island long ago. Trust me it's better then it sounds. Anyways, every time
someone dies there is a crow near by but I can't decide why. I've already
decided that I want a crow to be around everytime some one dies but I just
don't know how I can tie them in and make them signifycant. I'm thinking
maybe they could be signifycant to the real killers death but he was stabbed
by his best friend, so I just don't know. If you could help me out that would be
great!! Hope to hear from you soon!

ANSWER: Hi, Ariel!

Well, one thing I can think of is to make the spirit killing them the KILLER rather than the person killed long ago. Whether the killer wound up drowning or dying of old age, or whatever, but the ghost still kills just like the human did. Then the crow could be the spirit of the FIRST guy killed. Who knows, maybe his SURNAME was Crowe or some such, or maybe a crow started to eat at his body before he was fully dead and his spirit got trapped inside.

Just a thought to get your brain working.

Good luck!


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thats great! And It would work but The killers spirit actualy takes over one of thier friends (who is then the one who kills everyone)So The killers spirit can't be in the crow, cause it's already in henri (thier friend) I'm thinking maybe the crow like followed the REAL killer around while he was stile alive and on the island, so now he's there when ever some one dies cause the killers spirit is there... if that makes sence... Anyways, Thanks so much for your advice before!! Hope to hear from you again!

Actually, I think you misunderstood me.

1. Dead killer's spirit is killing people
2. First VICTIM's spirit is in crow. Follows around to warn others.
3. Dead killer's spirit inhabits body of visitor and continues to kill.
4. Crow would then follow around the person inhabited by spirit until others figure out that he's possessed.

Does that make sense? :)


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