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Hey, first off thanks for taking the time to read this and help me. I'm very grateful.
I've been a writer for all my life (been writing stories ever since I was little, albeit it they weren't all that good) and I've finished a few stories, but lately I've been noticing that I can never finish a novel. I've written several short stories, and those are fine, but whenever I try to start a novel
(which I have several times), it seems like I can't finish it, get disinterested, or get another idea for some other story and try to start that. Maybe this come from me being my biggest critic. Whenever I write, I never feel like its good enough. I second guess myself and am never satisfied. People tell me my writing is good, but there's times I think its absolutely horrible, and I'm terrified what other people and one day, God willing, publishers and agents will think.
So, I guess my question is: 1.What do you suggest to help me actually stay focused and finish a novel (and is this a typical problem?):
And: 2.Is being a harsh critic of myself normal? Should I try to fix it? What can I do?

Thanks a ton,
it is greatly appreciated.

Hi, Cory!

First, are you POSITIVE you're a novelist? Not everybody who writes is. Some authors  have had entire careers with short stories and novellas. (H.P. Lovecraft is one) People seem to think shorts are an entrance to novels, but that's not so. Many novelists I know CAN'T write a short. They're completely unable because their mind doesn't work that way.

Still, if you're determined to write a novel, it might be you're a "pantser" versus a "plotter." Are you trying to plot out the book and that's where you get stalled and disinterested? That's a VERY common scenario with pantsers (writing by the "seat of your pants" and having no idea where that day's writing will take you.)

Yeah, we're all our own biggest critic. ALL of us! LOL! What might help is to find a friend who's willing to send in the queries and stories and simply not tell you about rejections. I did this for my co-author before we "became" co-authors. Sort of a business manager. I only gave her the good news so it didn't dishearten her when enevitable rejections arrived. Pretty soon there were ONLY acceptances, and then the occasional rejection didn't bother her.

Hope that helps. Good luck!


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