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1. I am writing a true story of events that happen to me. Can I use fictitious names that sound like the true names in my book?  2. Can I forgo the companies name and use a job description in place of the company's name?          3. Can I use my real name as author and character in my book and change all other names and company names?          4.If what I write is true and have documents to prove what I write is true, do i still have to use fictitious names in my book?
5. What can I do to protect myself from lawsuits but yet write truthfully about the subject matter?          6. You wrote,"If you want to market it as fiction but based on a true story and real people," can you provide a notice that can be placed in the front of the book

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1. Yes, you can create fictitious names that sound like their real names. It's done all the time.

2. Yes, you can forgo companies names and use job descriptions instead, and if in a situation in a chapter that a company name is needed, simply create a fictitious company name.

3. Yes, you can of course use your true name as the author, or choose to use a pen name- either one. If you want to use your real name in the book as a character- you will open yourself up to possible liable by those individuals in your book, even though you changed their names, they can prove the connection in a court of law for liable, slander, defamation of character, and so forth. It might be wise to use a fictitious name to prevent any possible liabilities.

4. Even if you have documentation to prove all facts of the book is true- you are still opening yourself up to a liable suit.

5. If you want protection against liable, yet write a true story, consult a literary attorney for his or her advice and recommendation. This is the best possible source to ensure you are on the right track as to what you can and cannot safely do.

6. If you market it as fiction- then do place a disclaimer in the front of the book stating the names have been changed to protect the innocent, and any actual similarities are not to be considered actual due to the book being fictionalized for literary entertainment purposes.

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