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Dear Sue,

I have been a prentice word-smith for decades.But never before have I a written a book. As Sam Johnson once said, only a fool writes fot aught but momey.

I need an agent, for properly sold it could sell. I also need a literate editot. Those seem very thin on the ground. I have had three pretenders, but none seems to have read a book!

Any suggesti0ons on how to go  about it?  

David.... this is a toughie.... as there is no good answer.  But here are several suggestions...

1 - try to join a writing organization.  Networking in this group might help
2 - talk to your local newspaper and the person who writes about writing... s/he might know of someone or a local group to join
3 - keep trying.  some writers I know have been trying for years to find an agent
4 - get published.  try to get some of your writings either in newspapers, print magazines or on the need to build up a list of published credits.

Good luck.... and keep trying.... Sue

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