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Writing Books/using quotes of stories from others


I am in the process of writing a book about a subject but what I am using is
people's stories/experiences about a certain event they've experienced and
putting it into my own words. I'm not sure of the legalities of this. My mother
had this angel book that is similar in what I'm doing, the author mentioned in
the beginning she put ads in the paper for people who've had particular
experiences and received letters and emails from them and she re-wrote it all
using different names etc. and got it published. Do I need consent forms from
people?  Can someone demand any profit that could be made from this? If
they live in another state/country does a simple email of them confirming
they're releasing the story that happened with them to be used in a literary
compilation? Thank you


I'm not an expert on the legalities of such things, so for that, I'd refer you to an attorney who specializes in publishing law.  You might find one here on AllExperts.

However, there's an easy way around it, and that's not to do it fictitiously.  The Chicken Soup books do exactly this, and they give attribution to the contributors.  The compensation given for having an anecdote included can be minimal, and it's entirely up to you what it could be.  It could be a free copy of the book.  It could be $25, upon publication of the book.  It could be nothing but a thank-you in the acknowledgment section of the book.  Whatever the compensation is, just make sure the contributor knows what it is up front, and signs a release form to that effect.  Make sure the release form gives you permission to alter the text in minor ways (e.g., to edit for length, correct typos and grammar, etc.) and allows rights for all future editions of the book in any form (audio, Kindle, etc.).

Beyond that, go for it.

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