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When I look for the answer to the question: "What is the length that agents  prefer for suspense, fiction or vampire type stories," I see a lot of different answers. Since you have written you likely know the answer.

I spotted a site saying agents want 90,000 words from first time writers, but I don't belive this is true. Once an agent wrote me back that 65,000 words was okay. Is there some way to know for sure? Would it look unprofessional to write and ask the agent?

Hi Demetrius,
And greetings from the Riff Mountains of Morocco where I am researching a book ~ and only now found an internet connection.

A book is its own length.  There is no rule. When the story is over it is over! Average lengths for most books are between 80 and 100 thousand words. 65 thousand is a novella and below that you head down to short stories.

You don't need an agent to tell you - in fact, they would not know, if they have not read your story.

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