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I am writing a book and I need help writing the plot.  My main characters seem to clash and I didn't really want that to be part of my plot but the more i try to fix it the worse it seems to get how do I keep my main characters from ruining my plot?

Sarah....  hard to answer this question because of several factors... first of all, what exactly is your plot... there are only so many... in my Deal a Story card game I have list 16 plots ... and they range from a simple "coming of age" to a more complicated "revenge" type story...

There are lots of books on plots... you might want to check them out

Now as to your characters "clashing" ... grin.... this is a good thing... the more they are in conflict the better the story... the more readers will turn the pages to see what's going to happen...

I do not see how the "character's" can ruin a plot... maybe it's the wrong plot???


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