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Hello, i would really like it if you could help me in my writers block. i have written in total around nine different beginnings of novels. however i cannot seem to get the unexciting bits right. i can create a scene with a click of a finger but i can not get my characters from A to B without ruining the moment. I am currently writing a historical novel about love and death, the only problem is i am sixteen so i do not have any past time experience. if you have anything that might be able to help me i would very much appreciate it .
yours sincerely Billie Smith

Hi, Billie,

I think most writers suffer from this. It takes practice to get past what are known as "transition scenes." It may be as simple as starting a new chapter to get past the uncomfortable spots, or finding some event to tie into later things. Sometimes it's even useful to START a boring scene, but then spice it up with an unexpected thing that takes up the time. A few I've used successfully to grab the reader are (and the reasons why it grabs them):

1. Have a passerby faint and knock over your MC (who is she? what happened?)
2. Gallop a runaway, riderless horse through an outdoor boring scene. (where's the rider? why is the horse in a lather?)
3. Have a child start screaming (is s/he sick, hurt, scared?)
4. A dog chases a chick through the middle of the house (where'd the dog come from? and the chicken?)

These are done literally MID-SENTENCE--and preferably while your main character (MC) is speaking. You start to talk or deal with the boring realities of eating, sleeping or toiletries and BAM! The scene is swept away with the crisis and you mention in one line that the MC grabbed a turkey leg and raced off to deal with the situation, or the boring high tea was upended when the trays were knocked over and your MC was immensely grateful.

Basically, take the boring and make it fun and exciting. It happens to all of us every day, so it'll make sense to the reader even if it's a setting that's unfamiliar.

Hope that helps a little. Good luck!


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