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hi, my problem is that i'm trying to write a novel but i just can't stick to one story, i write articles and poems but when it comes to long stories i'd start by having a brilliant idea of a plot but when i start writing after a while another one pops up in my mind and i leave the first and start the other but then another idea comes to me and so, i end up with having fragments of writings and i can't seem to be able to focus or find time to write :( what should i do to concentrate on one novel and get through with it?

You must make an outline of your entire story; beginning, middle, end-- plot and subplots.

You must create a character profile list of each main character; their physical descriptions, scars, eye color, hair color, birth date, likes and dislikes, quirks, education, where they grew up, etc. etc.

Then begin and stay in line with the story plot while allowing the characters to develop subplots and crisis they can resolve.

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