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I have completed my 3rd novel and that too is to be published. However, I'm perplexed. Being long-distance grandparents, letters have been written to grandchildren. I'm sure the parents would not like to see these letters made public and I will not approach them for approval. Should I simply fictionalize the novel? Should I begin the pages with no date and no name? Should I change the author's name?


The problem with writing your memoirs is that your life isn't lived in a bubble.  Other people are part of your life, and in telling your story, you've got to tell part of theirs.  And they may not like that.

Even if you were to change names and dates, there's still a chance that the parents would see through that camouflage.  Writing under an assumed name is fine, but not exactly a safe answer to your problem.  They could always find out that you are the true author of a work.

It all boils down to your level of concern over them seeing "the truth" about your work.  But remember that private citizens (unlike celebrities, for whom publicity is part of the fame package) can sue for invasion of privacy, even if what you write about them is flattering.  If they can identify themselves in your work, you're at risk.

Just something to think about.

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