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I showed my query letter to two people who have different views as to my next step. The first person who is a first time writer who just signed up with her first agent on her first try and her book is 3/4 finished per her account, but the agent loved the story and signed her on. She is writing a children's book with pictures that she drew. (She never had to write a synopsis, so now I believe in miracles). She says to submit and don't wait for my copyright to come back from the Library of Congress. I have all ready sent the copy and form off). The second person is an adult student learning to be a screenplay writer, she says to wait for my copyright to come back with my number. She says that my story sounds like it is worth the wait to protect myself and this is frequently spoken of in her classes. All I need to do is double space, page number and complete a synopsis and of course edit, check and edit again. My science fictional story is finished. Please tell me what do you think is my best next step.

Hi, L. Marie!

Okay, here's the scoop:  You CAN register your copyright if you want. The fee is (I think) $35. But the question is whether it's necessary. That answer is: Probably not. See, U.S. copyright law protects your book from the moment it's written on paper or a screen. The only thing registration does is put a time stamp on your creation so in the event the WORDS are stolen, you can sue. You can read more about it at the Copyright office website at:

What happens if you don't register? Well, then you can't sue. In reality, though, it's a very rare event for a book to be plagiarized because they don't have access to the work to steal it. If you send the manuscript to known, selling agents and publishers, it's really not an issue because they don't want your manuscript. They want the royalties from SELLING your manuscript. That's how they make their money.

Copyright protection is always a good idea for a final product. But in these early stages of the book, before it's accepted for publication, there's a good chance you'll be editing it. Copyright is a snapshot of what's on the page, like a PDF. If you edit, those new words aren't protected. You can't copyright an idea, or an intent of what you want the final book to be. It's just the words on the page, in the order they are at the moment you send the book.  

If you want to send the book in before you submit, feel free. No harm at all. But the publisher will do it again once it's ready to publish, so if you don't want to send it in before you submit, that's okay too. :)

Does that helP?


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