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Read your recent post on non-exclusive agreements. Would like to know if publishing elsewhere is possible if it is the same format, i.e., rebooks or paperbacks with two different non-exclusive agreement publishers, rather than rebooks and softcover with one publisher, hard covers with another, etc.
Also where can I get a list of dissertation publishers, and/or a rating of dissertation publishers?
Thank you in advance for your expertise and time.

Hi Richard

Yes, publishing a book elsewhere in another medium is common but it is usually the publisher who sells the rights / does the deal on your behalf - unless the product is very old and you can negotiate a paperback or new edition with another publisher.

There are quite a few dissertation publishers, none of them much good in my humble opinion. If a dissertation is up to scratch it would be or should be published by a commercial publisher, and usually revised (there are laods of good books giving advice on how to turn a diss. into a book). If you work in the university system recycled PhDs into 'dissertation books' do not couni in research points audits. Some dissertation publishers are Lambert Academic Publishing and Cambridge Scholars Press (NOT Cambridge University Press). I recommend neither of them for reasons I don't want to put in an email message!

I hope this helps!

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