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Hello! I've been working on an idea about a book (or two) for a few years now. I've started the beginning stages of writing and believe I need to protect my idea. The comment about sending the idea to myself came up. Should that, in any case, be sufficient enough to hold up if someone were to steal the idea? Should I keep it unopened for proof or notary? Thank you!!

Hi, Kelsey!

What you've described here is what's known as a "poor man's copyright." Unfortunately, the concept is a myth. There is no protection available to you by doing this. Here's the reason: It's very possible to mail yourself an EMPTY envelope. The post office doesn't require a package to be sealed. They simply don't accept responsibility if the contents are lost. And they don't care how much extra postage you put on a package. You could put $30 worth of stamps on a regular envelope and they'll send it. So, an unscrupulous person could mail an empty envelope to himself postmarked today, hold onto the postmarked envelope, wait five years until a major bestseller emerged (like the next Harry Potter or Twilight), type up the manuscript, slip it in the envelope, and POOF! They could claim the work was stolen from *them!* So, the courts have never allowed that method to work.

Next, an *idea* can't be copyrighted. There's no protection available to an author except for the written words on the page. You have immediate protection for that, from the moment you put words to paper, or text to screen (even on cell phones!) No paperwork required. But while protection is automatic, registration is the only way you can actually sue someone later if your idea is stolen and made available to the public for profit. There's the key---the thief must PROFIT from your idea. If they throw it up on a blog and claim it as their own, there's little protection. Some, but not much.

In order to register, you have to have a completed manuscript or story. Well, actually, that's not completely true. You CAN submit a partial manuscript for protection, but it would only cover what's submitted . . . not the later completed manuscript or any future edits. It's the exact same as if you sent in a photograph for protection. A different photo of a different place or at a different time of day isn't the same photo.

You should definitely spend some time over at the U.S. Copyright website. Their 'Frequently Asked Questions' page is a GREAT resource, and is written in plain, easy to understand language. Here's a link:

Hope that helps, and feel free to ask any more questions you might have.  Good luck with the novel!


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