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I'm a college student with a minor in Creative Writing. I would like to ask this question regarding the time travel plot in fiction.

Once I put my character back to the past, can the character change the course of a historical event? For example, can he change the outcome of a battle during the American Civil War?

My teacher said No. He said the character could only help bring about the actual event.

I'm a bit confused. If what the character does is only contributing to what really happened, then how can the plot be exciting? Is it true that he cannot change anything in the past?

Could you pls advise  according to books that you have read?

Thank you.

Hi, Lee!

Ah, you have stumbled upon an issue that Science Fiction writers have struggled with for decades. The two issues involved with time travel are: Paradox and The Butterfly Effect. These are real science theories and relate to chaos theory and quantum physics. If you do a search on the internet for these two terms, you'll find out why your teacher says it shouldn't be done. That's not to say it CAN'T be done in a novel, but unless you don't intend the world as the character knows it to remain the same, you'll struggle.

Here are a few links to start with and there will be more embedded to keep you going:

Have fun reading. You might get an idea for the next international bestseller! :)


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