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I ran across something that said padding doesn't help any novel. But what exactly is padding? Could you give me an example?
In the "Godfather" novel Puzo spends thousands of words on Johnny Fontane, Hollywood, and an operation on an Italian woman's vagina. All this has has nothing to do with the gansters and main plot of the Corleone family. Was all this padding?

There's a vast difference between padding and subplots. Subplots create depth of characters that the main plot doesn't allow. Also, what is now considered "padding" wasn't that way in times past. Even 30 years ago (when The Godfather was written) authors had more ability to ramble without the constraints of word count. Look at Moby Dick or Grapes of Wrath. Those are considered masterpieces--classics that would likely never be published today. But padding does still exist and, if well done, can still make it to the shelf. Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norell is a good recent example. As a debut, it was a whopping 900+ pages. Much of it was "padding" but the editor and many critics loved it. It can be done, but must be done carefully.

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