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Dear Sir,

According to some movies and books that I saw, it is very easy for a spy (CIA, MI5, etc) to have sex with someone in order to steal a secret.

I would be appalled if it really happens in reality, because it would be insulting for a human being, especiall a woman, to accept that you have to sacrifice your body to do your job.

According to your research, is it true that a spy must have sex if their boss said that it is necessary to do so?

My sincere thanks,

Dear Victor,

The sad truth is that the use of sex as a way of getting close to a person and getting their trust in order to learn important information has a very long history in almost all cultures. It has been happening for centuries. During the Cold War it was a speciality of most of the major powers. The Russians were particularly effective. They called it a "honey trap".

Keep in mind that both men and women do this. Also, in particularly dangerous situations a spy runs the risk of sacrificing much more. Many died doing their work. While it is distrustful, the notion of having sex with someone as part of your job can be justified if many people's lives are saved by the information that is learned.

Training for intelligence work in all countries includes the use of sex. As we saw recently, the Russians in the USA lived together and even had children in order to maintain their cover. Americans, Israelis, French and Germans all have employed tactics like this in recent years.

I hope that answers your questions.

All the best,


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