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In my story a murder has occured; the protaganist is now a target. The reader thinks the murderer is her stalker, but he isn't.

My question is: In a mystery is it a hard and fast rule that there be an actual detective? In my story there is no actual detective/person, the reader is the detective. He/she is meant to notice/pick up on nuances, clues etc...

Hi, MaryAnn!

Sorry for the delay in responding. My email has been down for a few days. Actually, there's a whole category in the mystery genre for what you suggest, called "Amateur Sleuth." Agatha Christie made that type of protagonist famous through Miss Marple, who was just a smart person with no skills other than a good eye and sharp mind.

But when you say the reader is the detective, that's a bit trickier. Someone has to narrate the book, even if it's you, the author (through omnisicient point of view.) There was a style of short story mystery back in the 50s and 60s called "Solve Them Yourself" mysteries, where the reader would be given a set of facts and the scenario and they would literally solve it (or not.) The answers to the riddles were written in the back of the book.

Isaac Asimov also did the "Black Widowers" mysteries in several mystery magazines in the 70s, where a group of men would try to solve a puzzle submitted to them by a guest to a monthly meeting. In the end, it was the butler who served the meal at the meeting who always provided the answer. But the reader, in effect, got the same facts as the people at the meeting, so it was always a fun thing to have the really logical answer suprise you.

Is that the sort of thing you mean? It worked well in short form, but I don't know how well it would work for a whole novel. If the plot just meanders with no structure other than to introduce facts, it could struggle to be a page-turner. It all comes down to execution. Worth a try if you want to.

Good luck!


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