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Could you tell me what an unpublished author (except for a flash fiction piece) can put in a query to make the agent want to read more?

ANSWER: Hi Demitrius,

Simple answer. A one page synopsis. If your storyline is good it will invite further reading. If you can't sell it in a one page synopsis, then you have problems with the story, not with the agent



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QUESTION: Thanks. She asks for a query only, and I assumed it meant one page with a hook, synopsis and bio. I was thinking the synopisis should be one or two paragraphs if its one page in a letter or email. Is this okay?

ANSWER: That sounds perfect!

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QUESTION: Thanks. How much info should I put in a paragraph synopsis of the book?
What I think is important? If I write something like "certain events add up and changes his mind" much I be specific?
Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Demetrius,

Sorry about the delay but I have been busy with blog stories.

There is no need to be specific. Keep it simple and concise. Phrases such as  "certain events add up and changes his mind" are fine.

In the end, it is better to not worry too much about it. If your story is good, then it should be okay!

Best of luck


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