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Hello! :)

My name is Magnus and I am a boy of thirteen years. I need your help. :)

I have written a paragraph, but I think the section is okay, but I want it to be even better with good sentences. Do you understand what I mean? :) I want it in a way that I have it now, just readjust some of my sentences. :) So I was wondering if you could help me with this? :) Although you perhaps can not help me, so I appreciate the feedback! :) Maybe you have some ideas, since you're in the industry?  :)
Here is a paragraph I wrote:

"Dear diary: I am so happy and suprised. My mom said yes. She said yes! I am going to the Hove festival. It is a big festival in Norway. I am supposed to go with Julie and Samara, if they are as lucky as me. Julie has very strict parents, but i can put in some good words for her."

Thank you so much if you want to help me! :)

English is my second language, so I'm not so good in English yet:)

I wish you a nice day! :)


Magnus. :)

Hi Magnus,

I'm not an ace at editing English (I hire people to do the editing for my books); however, English is my first language, so I can try to help you (but truth be told, your paragraph looks good to me). Here is your paragraph with my edits:

"Dear Diary: I am very happy and surprised! My mom said, "Yes." She said YES! I can go to the Hove festival, which is a big festival in Norway. I am supposed to go with Julie and Samara, if they are as lucky as me and their parents allow them go, too. Julie has very strict parents, but I will put in some good words for her."

What you had originally was very well done for someone who speaks English as a second language.

Take care,

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