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I have a "story" that i have been working that is completely based on true events in my life. I'm having trouble deicding if this is a Memoir or a Novel and really want to know so that i can make any changes now, before moving forward. So far the story is completely based on true events, but just to move the story along ((and because i can't recall details from 4 years ago)) some of the dialog is made up, so that doesnt hold to the "always tell the truth" rule in memoirs. Also I have changed the names of characters slightly to protect obvious identity (Josiah to Jonah, Albert to Arnold). Now I'm being told that if it's a novel, i have to change the names completely as well as physical discriptions, and makes sure that no one will ever be able to identify the people that it is based off of. where as if i make it a memoir I can keep everything the same (I'm not worried about people getting mad or trying to sue) But I would have to make sure EVERY detail is accurate, so I couldn't include dialog that i don't remember or, for example, change time (Like cut out 6 months of an uneventful period) So I guess my question is whether or not the information I have been given is accurate, and if it is, which route would be better for what I have written so far, a novel or a memoir?

Thanks for your inquiry, Jamie.

You are correct in all you say. It's a toss-up and the decision is up to you.

I have a friend who has written three novels based on true events in his life, greatly embellished for more interesting storytelling. He changed all the names and places.

Some memoirists change names and places and note those in the beginning, often on the copyright page. For example, Ira Wagler in his memoir, Growing Up Amish, declared on the copyright page that several names in specified pages were not the names of the real persons.

Don't worry about remembering conversations precisely as they were spoken. Capturing the gist of the event is more important as long as you remain within the truth of the total situation. In Mary Karr's memoir, Liar's Club, she writes full pages of dialog which she could not possibly remember word for word. She also changed the name of her Texas hometown.

Ask your librarian to suggest several books on writing memoir and life story to see how others have handled things. Attend meetings of your nearest writers' club and ask members did it. Your librarian should know how to contact the club.

Best wishes for every success.

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