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Dear Sue,

Do you have any tips for writing characters with a distinctive sense of humour when it does not come naturally to the author to be witty/jokey themselves? More broadly, how do you give characters their individual "voice"/personality without letting too much of yourself bleed through into the writing? Are there any guidelines/rules that one can follow as a safeguard against making all of one's characters the same?

Thank you for your help, and I look forward to your reply.

Regards, Dominic

Dominic... there are many ways...

1 - you could take a character class... there are many online
2 - join a writing organization
3 - find a critique group to give you feed back
4 - google "character outlines" ...there are lots of outlines on the web that can help you
5 - in my book, Ten Steps to CREATING MEMORABLE CHARACTERS you'll find pages and pages of suggestions
6 - sometimes you have to use characters from real life...but change them, ie. if a man, use his flaws, but make your character a woman, a child, a monster, etc

Hope this helps.


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