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Dear Susan, my question is about publishing right.

Let's say you manage to have a book published by a legitimate publisher. What will happen after 5, 10, 20 years later? Will a reprint be published and distributed by that same publisher only? Can you send that same book to another publisher as the years pass?

Thank you.

Hi, Kevin.

Seeing as you haven't received a response for your question, I thought I'd give you a quick answer.

What happens upon getting published by a traditional publisher (because self publishers can be legitimate as well), is they will print a certain amount of copies of your book. The amount will vary, depending on how marketable they find your book. If your book hits it big and there is a high demand (thus meaning high profits) they will most certainly print more copies to meet these demands. If the book doesn't do well, they likely will not print more. They will usually start with between 5,000 and 10,000 copies.

As for working with other publishers, the answer will depend on what the contract says. If the publisher only maintains first publishing rights, then you will be able to submit to other publishers later on. However, if the publisher maintains all rights, then you may not submit to other publishers without express permission from the publisher who holds the rights. I suggest you research the different forms of rights for more information.
Good luck.


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