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Hi, I am writing a book which is intended to be sold electronically. As far as I know, a web address of any website or webpage is of public domain, and that is why some companies are able to just add pages to their search engines, or people can make links to any website.
1. Is it legal to put as a reference a link to the website where the source of the information was found?
2. Can I quote a paragraph in a book, an article in a magazine, website in order to make a comment about the topic, make an analysis, draw own conclusions, or just mention it as part of a topic I am talking about?
Please let me know, thank you.

Hi John, to answer your question:

1. Yes, it is legal and also ethical to do this.

2. It depends upon what you use. If you talk about a topic generally, there is usually no problem with citation or use; if you copy more than 10% or one chapter (or equivalent) you would need to ask the copyright owner's permission to reproduce it.


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