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I am an expert on this site (over three years) in another area.  I am a good writer, have been published, but I need to write the story of my daughter's mental illness and ultimate suicide (two weeks ago), how the care she received (a great deal) never uncovered her torment, how medications have adverse effects that are often as bad as the illness they are supposed to control.  I'm unable to do this alone, I'm sure you understand why.  I need to find a co-author who won't bankrupt me, someone who will push me forward, make suggestions and contributions, do some research if required.  Can you please, please help me?  If I don't get started on this project I'm afraid I won't be able to handle my grief.  I need to use this tragedy in a constructive way, to help others.  My daughter's story will soon hit the news; I have a state Senator involved, a demonstration will be made in my area in front of the store that sold her the shotgun.  I'm going to appear at congressional hearing next winter for better gun control laws regarding the mentally ill.  I have a high powered litigating attorney in NYC.  This story will be big, this book will sell, I am willing to liberally share any profits. I need assistance.  Please advise me.

Dear Jill,

First let me say how sad I was to hear about your daughter. I also commend you on your bravery in telling what must be a very painful story.  Sadly, I am unable to help you as I am working on a novel in Morocco.  However, I suggest your first move should be to contact a literary agent. An agent would best advise you on finding a co-author as well as managing the project for you.

I wish you the very best of luck.


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