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One agency asks published and unpublished authors to "tell us about yourself" The published can list what they had vp60published, but what is the unpublished supposed to write to answer this question?


Unpublished authors need to list anything that makes them appealing to an agency. This is often referred to as your "platform." For example, before I was published, I would tell editors that in addition to writing as a day job for over a decade, I have given numerous workshops on writing and marketing/promotion, I have been a finalist in several writing contests and the winner in a national one, I am the co-owner of a website that helps writers with marketing and promotion and has close to 1300 followers. While those were not published books on my resume, I would show that I was not a new writer and that I would know how to market and promote myself if I was contracted by a publisher.

So, think about all of the things you've done besides publishing that show you are a professional who is working toward publication. What writer's organizations do you belong to and for how long? Mention those. Did you go to college? Is your degree related to writing or to the subject matter about which you write? Really dig deep and try to put a spin on your experiences so that you appear as a serious professional who is determined to write, sell, and promote to bestseller status.

I hope this helps.

Ann C.  

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Ann Charles


I can answer questions from unpublished fiction authors (especially those who write in the mystery and romance genres) regarding building name recognition and platforms PRIOR to landing a publishing contract.


I am co-owner of the website,, in which authors (published and unpublished) learn, share, and teach about promotion. I have been studying how to build name recognition and platforms for unpublished authors for almost three years. I read anything I can find on the subject, which isn't much for unpublished authors, and consistently seek more information on it. I am practicing what I preach and have given multiple workshops on the subject. I also have a regular column in multiple professional newsletters and have an article coming out in a national trade magazine regarding this subject.

Romance Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, Murder Must Advertise

B.A. in English, with an emphasis in Creative Fiction. Ten plus years of writing fiction. Over two years of intense studying and learning about promotion and marketing, including attending several workshops on the subject. I also work with several other experts on the subject of fiction author promotion.

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