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tutorjb1 - Jefferson Bales wrote at 2012-01-15 00:53:10
Dear Deanna,

I've been trying to reach you for a long time and just thought of adding to a previous answer to see if that works.

I hope you're doing well with your interviews and especially with your reading and speaking. I learned a little something about dyslexia and would like to help you any way I can. I finally got online at home and can help you every day if you'd like(I don't have to try to get online only at the library. I HAVE A NEW CATEGORY:  CREATIVE WRITING! I'd love to help you with your Plot there. How is it coming?

Your friend,


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I can assist writers in developing their stories and novels or screenplays and enjoy story-development(esp. humor) very much. I can lead writers to information on the Web that will help them write, find an editor, agent or publisher; though I can't(and nobody can) guarantee that they will find one. I know other writers seeking to publish with whom I can connect aspiring writers who may be able to help them and places online seeking writers to publish. I most prefer helping writers develop(primarily humorous) stories employing techniques that editors/agents/publishers expect. Thank you very much, JB - tutorjb1


Was ranked #1 in Fiction Writing when ended its free Q&A service in spite of a very late start, having only discovered when it had 3 years left of its free Q&A service so many others had a tremendous lead. I have worked at an NBC affiliate as a News, Public Affairs and Promotions consultant and wrote copy that was broadcast in advertisements, on news programs and in Special Productions. I have assisted writers in finding publishers and getting out of unfair contracts and for years have been sending much information useful to writers of all sorts at all stages in their careers to my open Yahoo! group at that anyone may join, leave and rejoin whenever it pleases them. I enjoy helping writers in any way I can. There are brief samples of my writing in my Bookdoctorsandeditors Yahoo! group, at my(JB's) Yahoo! blog and formerly in the archives at It is intended to be humorous so please keep that in mind while reading it. I have helped launch literary Zines by finding them online hosts and contributing to their first editions Thank you very much, tutorjb1

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B.A. in English from U.N.C., Chapel Hill,N.C. where I did library research and collation work(using the first American edition and first two English editions) of J. Fenimore Cooper's _The Pathfinder_ leading to publication of the first approved edition. I did well enough at U.N.C. to later attend graduate Advertising Journalism school there. I participated in the Georgetown University Writers' Conference. Thanks to much library research at U.N.C., I am an expert at finding resources for writers on the Web. I also studied design at UNC-Charlotte's Architecture school and that translates well to book-cover design and on-line and off-line book promotions. I have studied every issue of Writer's Digest magazine from cover to cover for 15 years and corresponded with its former long-time Fiction columnist, Larry Block, and have studied his writing by reading most of LB's novels. I learned to critique by being critiqued by Max Steele of U.N.C.'s Creative writing Dept. Thank you very much, Jefferson Bales - tutorjb1

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