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"I can answer questions from unpublished fiction authors (especially those who write in the mystery and romance genres) regarding building name recognition and platforms PRIOR to landing a publishing contract."

That sounds interesting. I thought that the name recognition building process would only start once my book actually hit the stores. How does one build name recognition beforehand? (fantasy YA writer)



If you wait until your book hits the stores, you're behind the curve. Many publishers are looking for new authors who already have a platform. The competition to get into the NY houses is fierce, as their marketing departments want a new author who can guarantee a certain amount of sales (in other words, you already have a platform built and are accruing readers). Crazy, right? Four years ago I thought, "How am I going to get readers without a published book?" Then I began figuring out how to build a platform and fanbase prior to publishing so that by the time I did publish, I would have readers besides my immediate family and closest friends.

There are many ways to begin building name recognition--teaching workshops, writing articles, writing short stories and publishing them on your website for free, volunteering for writing-related organizations, entering contests, writing blog posts, and more.

My partner at (a free website we created for unpublished and published authors where we all teach, share, and learn together all about marketing and promotion)and I are writing a series of non-fiction books on the subject of platform building for both unpublished and published authors. Here is the Amazon link where you can read a free sample of part of the first book in the series.

Here is the cover copy:
Writing a great story is no longer enough to land a contract. With economic downsizing, publishers are extremely selective when it comes to acquiring authors, often allowing their marketing and sales department to have the final say. These days, it takes a platform that is equal to the story in excellence and potential—a complete package—for you and your book to make it through the acquisitions gauntlet.

For the first time, fiction authors have a platform reference guide written just for them. Nail It! The Secret to Building an Effective Fiction Writer’s Platform uses motivating and enlightening lessons, author interviews, and several examples to explain how to build a fiction writer’s platform that will impress publishing professionals and clear a path to success.

Anyway, I'm not trying to sell you my book, just giving you some information on platform building pre-publication. I spent 4 years building my platform before publishing my first book in January. Since then, I have sold over 5000 ebooks and several hundred print books. Having a solid platform built prior to publishing this book is a huge part of my sales success so far. :)

Take care,
Ann Charles

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I can answer questions from unpublished fiction authors (especially those who write in the mystery and romance genres) regarding building name recognition and platforms PRIOR to landing a publishing contract.


I am co-owner of the website,, in which authors (published and unpublished) learn, share, and teach about promotion. I have been studying how to build name recognition and platforms for unpublished authors for almost three years. I read anything I can find on the subject, which isn't much for unpublished authors, and consistently seek more information on it. I am practicing what I preach and have given multiple workshops on the subject. I also have a regular column in multiple professional newsletters and have an article coming out in a national trade magazine regarding this subject.

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B.A. in English, with an emphasis in Creative Fiction. Ten plus years of writing fiction. Over two years of intense studying and learning about promotion and marketing, including attending several workshops on the subject. I also work with several other experts on the subject of fiction author promotion.

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