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Hello, I like to start and become a new author. My question is how do you start off with a good fact book on spirituality. I want to be a best selling author and I want also to be a best selling book. How do you start off making it sound interesting and the title as well?

Dear Jacqueline,

Thanks for the question. There is no easy answer, because it is the reader who decides if the book will sell. If you have good ideas for a book, then simply write it first and worry about selling it later. The first thing to do is to get the book written. Do not think about a title at this stage. When the book is complete you will need to find an agent to sell it. The decision about the title is usually made in conjunction with the author and the agent and publisher.

If that all sounds hard, then remember that self-help books about spirituality are often very big sellers.

All the best


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