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How can I zero in on agents handling my type of material? For example, a listing may say an agent handles "urban fiction". But it doesn't specify that its chick lit type and not "Abraham Lincoln Vampire Killer" or a modern day male detective hunting vampires.
It can become difficult to locate exactly the type the agent handles.


Hi, Demetrius!

I understand how this can become confusing. When there is no sub-genre classification noted, it is no easy task to determine if the agent is suitable for your material. The most helpful bit of advice I can give you, is to look at their catalogs and see what other material they have represented. Some agents are willing to represent different sub-genres falling under the main genre. Before submitting to any agent, do your research on their service to ensure that your manuscript will be at home in their hands. It never hurts to contact them with your concerns. Of you do this, be sure to keep it vague. Don't try to submit your work over the phone. Simply ask what sub-genres they work with in urban fiction. I hope this helps and I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.


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