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Hi, I have recently completed a teen/young adult fantasy novel, and I have attempted to present it to many publishers. Unfortunately, there have been issues. Firstly, I'm 14 years old, and many publishing houses do not want to work with underage authors. It seems only the self-publishing places are accepting. I don't know if this would be right for me. I would rather have other people do all the business of marketing it and stuff; I just want to get my book out there. I want to do it easily as well. I have money, and so I want to keep this away from my family until it is actually published. I'm sure I can pull it off on my own. Could you please direct me as to where to turn to now? Who can I find? I keep hoping I will get lucky and someone will simply pop up and be interested in what I have to offer, but that is not likely :). I'd be grateful if you could share some of what you might know on this...

Dear Whits,
Thank you for your letter. Congratulations for writing a great story that you want to publish. I agree that since you are only fourteen, you might consider self-publishing. The easiest place to self-publish is Amazon.com Kindle. You open an account at kdp.amazon.com, then upload your book as a Word doc. This will then sell as an electronic book, a Kindle. When you upload, they let you choose the keywords and write the description. Your parents will probably have to open the account, since it asks for your bank account and Social Security information. It does not cost anything, but if your publication makes money, they put the money in your bank account and send the information to the IRS.
As far as marketing, what you need is an audience. Every writer, especially fiction writers, must build up a readership. Publishers usually only take books from authors who are already famous, such as well-known journalists, celebrities, politicians, etc. Your job as a writer is to get your work known.
There are many ways to do that you will discover.
If you want to discuss further, please write back.

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