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Hello Jamie. I'm writing a book for my mother. I will need it printed, hardbound, and jacketed in April. I only need one copy, and don't wish to publish it. It will be about 350 pages (standard printing page size), and about 50 pages will have colour images. It's on MS Word. I'm in an isolated community, so I suppose I'll need to submit my documents via email, then have the book mailed to me. I know about, but it isn't quite what I'm looking for. Any other ideas? My budget is in the $300 ballpark. Thank you.

Hi Leonard. You can get your book printed for far under $300. I suggest that you try This is an online press with very good rates. What you need to do is download one of lulu's free templates. Since you want hardcover, I suggest you use a 6X9 template. You can find the templates by searching "free lulu book templates" on Google. Copy and paste your document, as you would like it to appear, into the template. When you're ready, upload your cotent. Remember to keep your project on private. Make sure the book size you select matches the template (6X9). Be sure to research a bit on how to use lulu's services. It's self-serve and oftentimes users aren't sure how to format. This is why the template is crucial. I hope this helps. If you need any help, feel free to ask. Regards, Jamie.  

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