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Hi Cathy,

I was wondering, is there any professional way to let a publisher know when querying that you have a stipulation when it comes to cover art? I use to be an indie music video director, and am now writing erotic fiction. My first novella was picked up by an epublisher and will be released this summer, and I am currently working on my second one now. Although the publisher seems open to what I would like the cover art to be and such, sending me a Cover Art Request Form and all, I have yet to see if they are going to stick to my wishes for the book cover. Being a formal visual artist, cover art really means a lot to me, and if possible I would like to make sure I have the right with my future books to decide what the cover art will be. Is there a professional way to let this be known, without coming across as too demanding?

And would you happen to have any other advice for me as far as promotion, advances, and any other knowledge you can pass along that will help me with my new career?

Gratefully Yours,


Hi, Rico,

Unfortunately not. Very few publishers are willing to add even cover consultation (which is when the publisher allows you input into cover design), and fewer still that allow cover approval (when you get the final say on the cover.) They might take your input as a courtesy, but to insist they do so isn't likely. Much of the cover design is up to the sales department, and they base it on their knowledge of readers. It's not really the author's wishes they're looking to satisfy.

That said, you're certainly welcome to tell them of your arts background and perhaps suggest some images, or send your editor some concepts of what you'd like. I've had good luck with that with our publisher.

Hope that helps! Good luck!


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