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Hi there ,  I have to make an assignment of topic "Corruption in the country ,its effects and how to eradicate it"
Can you help me to make an outline that how to start and what subtopics can be included in that.

Hi Hasan,

I think that this question is probably better suited in the "general writing" category. But, since I volunteer there too I can still help.

Here's how I would begin approaching the topic if it were me:

Corruption in the country: its effects and how to eradicate it
1. Overview of problem (explain corruption in general and make parallels/examples from other countries or sources.)
2. Examples of problems (be specific to your country).
   a. What agency or institution is corrupt? (And what evidence is there of this?)
   b. What factors lead to them becoming corrupt?
   c. How does their corruption affect to community?
   d. What factors are keeping them corrupt?
3. You can repeat step two as often as you need to. For example, maybe the first time you talk about the police, and then you talk about the politicians, etc.
4. Reform (how you will stamp out the problem)
   a. How will your plan change the corruption and why will it work?
   b. Prerequisites? What does your plan need to have happen before it will work?
   c. Complications? Will the execution of your plan create any side effects or have negative consequences that will need to be addressed, and if so, how?
   d. Failure. What are the failure points of your plan? What things will prevent it from becoming successful?
   e. Prevention and Mitigation. What safeguards are there to ensure that your plan stays effective and isn't undone later?
5. Summary and Conclusions.

I think that would be a pretty solid essay. You could scale that from a small 500 word essay all the way to more in-depth 5,000 work essay.

I hope that helps.

Kind Regards,

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