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Hello, I am writing a non-fiction book, but I don't know how to turn the pages into chapters on the manuscript.

Hi Shelia,

First of all, what kind of nonfiction is this? Is it informational, like a science or philosophy book? Or is it more historical fiction? An memoir, perhaps? Depending on the sub-genre, chapter breaks may vary.

The most important thing to remember is to separate each topic and sub-topic into its own category, or chapter. So, if you're writing a piece on biology, you may want to consider a chapter devoted to, say, evolution and one devoted to the roles of organs in the human body. Think of each chapter as a large essay covering the topic. Start with a hook, create a body, and wrap up with an ending that answers whatever questions are posed at the start of the chapter.

If this is more of a memoir type piece, then you want to set it up more like a fiction novel. The chapter length will depend on your preference (my sister is an author and she does 7-10 pages per chapter, while I prefer 20-30). On any account, be sure to end the chapter at a place which can be easily transitioned into the next. In addition, you should remember to end it at either a crucial point, or with some deep or witty statement.

I cannot go more in-depth, because you have not specified your sub-genre. I hope what information I could provide will be of use to you.


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