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Hi Jamie,

I'm writing a fantasy series; my friend is co-authoring. We'd like to make our partnership "official". I've googled "creative writing contracts", etc, but the results are confusing me (I'm no lawyer).

Can we use some kind of "standard" downloadable contract, or should we seek a lawyer's help? We're a little concerned about spending money on legal fees. We believe an agent or publisher may want a fresh contract if--when!--our work is accepted. We'd like to save that money unless absolutely necessary.

PS - my friend lives in the UK. I'm guessing the UK's contract laws differ from US laws. Is this a problem? If so, how can we solve it?

Thanks for your help!


Hi Julie,

Don't hire a lawyer! In fact, don't do anything but write the story! There's no need to do anything else. When the time comes to publish, both of you will sign the publishing contract (provided by the publisher). Once you both sign, the work legally and equally belongs to both of you. I hope this makes sense.


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